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Tue The Angel Day training is open to everyone who is interested in startup investing. New this year is the ad-hoc tables, where spontaneous discussions on various topics are made possible.

Choose a topic or join randomly to other's interesting discussions, it's your choice! You can either book the meetings in advance or just walk in assuming there are free tables available. This is the best place in the world to meet with next level co-investors and potential exit channels.

Pitching The Key For Angels In 2014

Nordic Angel Program is an angel training and investing program, which gathers international, experienced angels together to evaluate, give feedback and finally, invest into the best startup s that the Nordics and Baltics have to offer. Meet your next exit channel here! It's all about side-events!

The Slush conference is awesome, but you should also check-out all the exciting side-events that are held during the same week. This year we're doing something new with Slush.

Nordic Angel Program NAP is an international cross-border training and investing program for business angels. Led by experienced local angels, NAP offers a unique opportunity to invest as a group in promising growth companies linked by leading startup events in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and Norway.

Does anyone know if there will be a discount code for Angels in America?

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Does anyone know if there will be a discount code for Angels in America? (Message Board)

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