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How to Coupon for Beginners (2019) ✂️ Extreme Couponing 101

A progress bar will appear beneath the coupon name to display progress. If you have fewer coupon codes available than expected recipients, you will not be able to schedule or send your campaign and will need to add more codes.

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When you schedule or send your campaign, each recipient will receive a unique coupon code. You can see which code an individual recipient received by navigating to their profile and scrolling to the Coupons section as outlined in the FAQs. For each coupon, you can set the following properties in Klaviyo: Name This is how the coupon will be identified in Klaviyo. Prefix Klaviyo will generate a random code for each person, but you can also specify a prefix that will go before every code i. Discount Type Choose whether the coupon is a fixed amount off, a percentage, or free shipping.

Please note that dates are set in the UTC time zone, so you may see a different activation date in Shopify. Expiration Choose when you would like your coupon to expire. There are different options for coupons used in campaign emails versus flow emails.

Please note that dates are set in the UTC time zone, so you may see a different expiration date in Shopify.

In this case, follow the directions outlined in the note below. Additionally, you will not see this option if you are using a coupon code with a variable expiration date. If your flow is connected to a list that you intend on adding a large number of contacts too, follow the instructions for sending a coupon code in a campaign instead.

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You will need to add as many codes as the number of contacts that you will upload to this list. For example, if you're going to upload 10, people to a list, be sure to create 10, coupon codes in advance. This is especially important for large list uploads to ensure that your emails send out in a timely manner. For example:.

Once you create the parameters for your coupon, you will need to specify the number of coupon codes that you want to generate. This must be done before you schedule your campaign. When doing this, key things to keep in mind are:. You will not see the option to add codes if you have selected a variable expiration date for your coupon, since coupons with variable expiration dates cannot be used in campaigns. Create your own coupons and distribute them online to incentivize purchases and increase visits to your point of sale.

To make and give away discount coupons or promotional codes to your customers is a great strategy, and even better if you can customize the coupon with the brand's corporate image and the data of each customer to create personal coupons that are easy to redeem.

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Here you can discover all that you can do with the editor! Add, modify or delete the elements of the coupon in a flexible and easy manner using the options in the menu. Every time you select an element or add a new one, all the options available to configure that element will unfold. You can modify the coupon when you want. To make it clear to the participants where the coupon is from and where they have to redeem it, you have the option to upload your brand's logo and place it where you wish.

You can give it more or less importance by changing the size, or you can accompany it with an image or text as a claim or slogan. Apart from giving the coupon shape and style, you can also use the background image to link the coupon to the overall style of the campaign, to the brand image or to the prize.

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That way we help you to achieve that all the elements of the promotion follow the same graphic code and that the users recognize your brand by a glance. Create a coupon with balanced design and with all the information you need in a flexible way. Adapt the text to the format of the page, create several texts and place them where they fit best, add resource images in JPG or PNG format, insert lines to separate the information and arrange the coupon in sections, highlight the code or important elements by adding a square etc.

Display the data of the participants that you want on the coupon.