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Check out this post. Read more about Checkout 51 here. See more Giant Eagle posts here. Coupon Newbie? To start saving, sign up for the Giant Eagle Advantage Card that allows you to earn fuelperks, download eCoupons and get sale prices. Giant Eagle Matchups - Mission: to Save. Here are a few Unadvertised Deals at Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle Coupon Policy

Giant Eagle only accepts 12 of the same insert coupon Here is a list of the best Giant Eagle weekly ad deals that I see this week. Be sure to check your local ad to confirm deals and the coupon doubling policy in your area. New to Couponing? Check out the Giant Deals page to see all the latest deals at Giant. Click the banner below to view… Read More. Join us for a frightening feast with all your favorite ghouls! Not only will you get a dreadfully delicious all-you-can-eat buffet, but you'll also receive early access to the Steel Curtain a half hour before the park opens!

Pre-Scare Dinner Menu.


Want to experience as much chaos and calamity as you can during Phantom Fright Nights? Sign up for one of our RIP Tours! These tours allow you to bypass lines for our haunted houses, roller coasters, and other thrill rides! After the Kennywood Park gates close for the fall, a ghastly and horrifying force grips our fairgrounds. Want to learn more about the Phantom's bone-chilling additions?

Welcome to Derry, a quiet town where the children seem to disappear. Built on the hallowed grounds of Fort Despair, Shady Grove Memorial Hospital was established in and was once a leader in medicine. The hospital has fallen on hard times, with rumors of an evil doctor running free, looking for specimens for his collection. We need your help to discover who is causing the chaos within this former place of healing.

If you choose to take on the challenge, remember that your eyes are the window to your soul.

All that enter Mortem Manor Haunt. From the moment you enter the Mortem Family estate and are greeted by Dmitri, the family patriarch, to the moment of your exit, you will encounter all that once lived in this giant mansion.

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Long ago, an old and powerful vampire known as The Master came to Kennywood. Brick by brick, he built his Villa to house his children of the night. Over the years, The Master has opened up the Villa to many guests. Some have joined him, building the vampire pack stronger, while the rest have served to feed his bloodthirsty group. Whatever you may fear, those who possess the power of voodoo will be sure those fears are unleashed to find you. Haunt opens at dusk.

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Welcome to the most haunted grounds in Kennywood Park. At Kennyville Cemetery, the dead are rising from their graves with an unnatural hunger! These zombies are seeking fresh humans to feed on, so make sure to stay on the path and obey the rules, or you will be the next meal. The Shadows are everywhere. As you make your way through the pitch-black setting, you will encounter the shadows of the night.

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The shadows play games with your mind, lurking around every twist and turn. Before you can enter Phantom Fright Nights, you must make your way through the tunnel. Filled with fog and lurking ghouls of all shapes and sizes, the more timid may find themselves turning back for safety before even getting through! The reward to do so, a frightfully fun time at PFN, is worth the risk prowling inside the tunnel! Scare zone is populated from PM - PM.

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Step right up and enter our Festival of Fear. The finest, most demented clowns in the world will be sure to entertain you as you walk through this fun-filled festival. Our clowns just want to have some fun at your expense.