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Although there are many different plans available, they can all be split into four main categories of reverse mortgage schemes. This amount, plus any interest accrued, you can choose to make repayments is repaid from the sale of your property when you pass away or move into long-term care. Read our detailed guide on what is a lifetime mortgage plan? Read more on what are drawdown lifetime mortgages?

You get a lump sum and pay a monthly interest on the loan, which can be fixed or variable, rather than allowing the interest to roll up. The amount you originally borrowed is normally repaid when your home is eventually sold. Read our guide on what is an interest only lifetime mortgage plan?

Here, you sell some or all of your property to a home reversion provider in exchange for a lump sum of money or regular payments, whilst maintaining the right to remain living in your home, rent free, for as long as you live, but you have to agree to maintain and insure it. At the end of the plan your property is sold and the sale proceeds are shared according to the remaining proportions of ownership.

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Discover what are home reversion lifetime mortgages? With Go Compare reverse mortgage scheme, you are free to use the money on almost anything you choose. There are many reasons for releasing equity from your home and here are just a few of them:. Go Compare reverse mortgage review — get a free Go Compare reverse mortgage quote and chat with an adviser to learn more. Get a quote from the best reverse mortgage companies like Go Compare Reverse Mortgage now. Note that reverse mortgage plans are not right for everyone and it is important that you fully consider your options and receive independent financial advice before making a decision.

Discover how a home purchase mortgage can help you move to a new home and see how you could get a great rate by switching to a new deal. Home purchase mortgage guide. Become a landlord and buy a property you can rent out with a buy-to-let mortgage — or learn more about remortgaging an existing rental home. Read our buy-to-let mortgage guide. Your eligibility for a particular mortgage depends on a number of factors….

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Each lender will look at how much it believes you can afford before deciding how much to let you borrow. Our mortgage calculator can help you get a better idea of how much you can afford to borrow, and how much your mortgage will cost you in monthly repayments.

If you want to see how your existing mortgage repayments would be affected by a one-off lump sum payment or increased monthly repayments, our overpayment calculator shows how much you could save in interest payments. Fixed rate mortgages have an interest rate that stays the same for a set period.

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This could be anything from two to 10 years. Your repayments are the same every month and you don't need to fear fluctuations in interest rates. Most will charge you a penalty - known as an early repayment charge ERC - if you choose to leave the deal before the end of the fixed term. Interest rates adjust periodically with a variable rate mortgage , which means repayments may change throughout the loan term. Usually, the interest rate changes in relation to another rate - the Bank of England's base rate is very influential on variable interest rates, as is the base rate of each lender.

In reality, this tends to roughly follow the Bank of England's base rate movements. SVRs can be anything from two to five percentage points above the base rate — or higher — and they can vary massively between lenders. The other type of variable mortgage is a discount mortgage. Rather than being linked to the Bank of England base rate, discounts are linked to the lender's standard variable rate SVR.

For example, if the SVR is 4. If the SVR rose to 5. The problem with discounts is that SVR changes are at the lender's discretion so your mortgage payments could change even if there has been no alteration in the Bank of England base rate. What's more, even if the SVR changes following a move in the base rate, there is no guarantee that it will increase or decrease by the same amount.

As a result, trackers are usually seen as more transparent than discounted deals and are often seen as being fairer for the borrower. When the base rate fell from 5. All the others cut their rates by less. When the Bank of England raised the base rate from 0. Most mortgage deals carry arrangement fees, which can vary from a few hundred pounds up to a couple of thousand.

Also bear in mind that these set up costs can sometimes be made up of two fees. An increasing number of lenders charge a non-refundable booking fee, which is effectively a product reservation fee. The second type of fee is an arrangement fee which you pay on completion of the mortgage so you won't have to pay it if, for any reason, you don't take the mortgage.

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Calculate how early you could pay off your mortgage. Mortgage overpayment calculator. Remember to always factor these into the overall cost of any deal. Even if a lender is offering a seemingly unbeatable rate, steep fees could mean that it actually works out to be more cost-effective to opt for a higher rate, but with a much lower fee, or no fee at all. The best mortgage rate for you depends on how much you are looking to borrow. A high fee is often worth paying in order to secure a low interest rate if you are applying for a large mortgage.

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But those with smaller mortgages could be better off opting for a higher rate and lower fee. However, while this is the general rule, it is well worth crunching the numbers when you are comparing mortgages - you need to work out the total cost over the term of the deal. For example, if you are going for a two-year fix you need to work out the cost of your repayments over the term. You can do this by finding out what the monthly payment will be using our mortgage calculator — and then multiply by You then need to add on the arrangement fee to find out the total cost.

Steps like paying off any outstanding borrowed credit you owe and making sure your current address is on the electoral role can help to improve your credit score. Call free from your landline or mobile on any day. With around 4. In most cases, the situation arises out of necessity. Do you want the flexibility to overpay, underpay or take payment breaks? Do you want to be able to move lenders remortgage whenever you want? Do you want to use your savings to help pay off your mortgage sooner?

Find out more about Mortgage repayment options.

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Read more in Mortgage interest rates — the different types. Read more in Mortgage related fees and costs. Find out more in our guide to comparison sites. Learn more in A guide to mortgages with special features. Read more about Remortgaging to cut costs. Read more about capped rate mortgages in Mortgage interest rates — the different types. Find out more in A guide to mortgages with special features.

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